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We welcome your comments and constructive ideas. If you want to help improve the quality of our shared democracy, here's how:

  1. Change starts first within ourselves. Apply these four core values in your everyday conversations. Rely on them as you make decisions for yourself, with your family, and with your community.
  2. Gently help others adopt these core values through your example and interactions.
  3. Start a blog to encourage an open dialog. While this site will not offer a message board, please send us your ideas or links to other Core Value sites (a link page will be posted in a few weeks). We may also sponsor a few online debates.
       As new ideas or better thinking emerges, we will update this site. Remember, as Thomas Jefferson remarked in his first inaugural address- Error of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left free to combat it. Help us do better.
  4. Show your support. We hope to make available buttons, balls and bumper stickers with the Four Shared Core Values logo- until then, a pdf of the logo can be downloaded by clicking here and the entire site can be downloaded as a pdf here.
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