Core Values in a Shared Democracy


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Sometimes our most important values are so clear,
they risk
becoming invisible.

Many people believe Democracy is another word for "Majority Rule" - - but nothing could be further from the truth.

Majority Rule is just another word for "Tyranny of the Majority". It is a form of government based solely on strength in numbers, not on wisdom or freedom or ethics or morality. True Democracy requires a social compact between its members. It demands shared core values guiding individuals and groups as they raise issues, settle arguments and ensure those decisions are embraced by its citizens. Shared values enable democracies to represent both the will, and the wisdom of its people.

The most stable democracies temper their natural power with their powerful compassion.

Often, shared values are codified in important public documents, like constitutions or laws, but are just as likely to be part of a cultural, religious or historical tradition capable of outliving generations of politicians or social movements. For example, Freedom of the Press is guaranteed by the American Constitution- but that freedom is irrelevant unless the people maintain a shared passion for truth, and support the press though their actions and words.

Today, as the country swings though one of its periodic cycles of political polarization, public religiosity and war- the need to bring shared democratic values to the surface is greater than ever before. Democrats and Republicans, Conservatives and Liberals, believers and agnostics- all should agree on some small set of values- or our democracy will crumble.

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