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A collection of links related to Core Democractic Values- continuously updated.
Please contact us if your have suggestion for additional links.


The Charters of Freedom
The Republian National Committee
The Democratic National Committee
The White House
Annenberg Political Fact Check
The Heritage Foundation
Reason Magazine
Common Cause


The National Council of Churches

Center for Inquiry- Secularism, Humanism and Skepticism in Action
Evangelical Questions and Answers
Fordham Center on Religion and Culture
Catholic Questions and Answers
Islam and the Koran and Quran Links
The Sojourner's Value system

Other Core Values Sites

Center for Civic Education
and their Core Values
The Institute for the Study of Civil Society
The First Amendment Center
The Dali Lama's Nobel Prize acceptance speech
Roosevelt's Four Freedoms

Single Issues

BBC on Religion and Ethics in abortion

Creationism-Intelligent Design
AAAS Resources on Evolution and the National Academy of Sciences
Global Warming
WNYC Brian Lehrer roundtable on the Establishment Clause and Religion
Protecting the First Ammendment at the Freedom Forum



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